With a masters degree in education from the College of William and Mary, Julie designed statewide-used educational board games and RPGs. Her early career also included stage managing and scripting plays as well as writing short stories.

One of the founding members of Greenbrier Games, she started as the content writer and game designer, and rose to Vice President and COO. In the board game industry, Julie has worked in the capacity as a project manager, designer, developer, writer, and editor. Her first hobby game design was Zpocalypse and the more recently she contributed one of the Final Girl movies for Van Ryder Games, where she now works as the Sr Director of Operations. In addition to writing story, rules and copywrite, Julie has contributed to GTM Magazine and Meeple Monthly.

Julie, along with Rachael Blaske, social media coordinator for GAMA, co-hosts the show You’re Invited, a live program discussing the challenges of being a small business owner. Julie has served as Secretary on the Board of Directors for GAMA, the board game trade association, and on the board of the Jack Vasal Memorial Fund. She is also a member of WIT, Women in Toys, and an Educational Advisor for Sovranti, the online boardgaming platform.

To contact Julie, email her at julieahern13@gmail.com!